CEG has hosted packed-house shows with Cam’ron in several cities including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Tempe, and Chicago. His much-anticipated New York appearance is finally around the corner. Don’t miss him rock the mic with underground artist Reggie Mills x T.RIP Thursday February 20th at Hell’s Kitchen’s own Stage48.

GENERAL ADMISSION: $25 advance tickets! $30 day of show

VIP Seated: $45
Meet & Greet Tickets: $60

This is an ALL AGES Show.


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Lloyd Banks x Reggie Mills x TRIP PERFORM AT STAGE 48 NYC DECEMBER 15TH x FNO

American musician Reggie Mills performs alongside G-UNIT’s Lloyd Banks at Stage 48 venue in New York City.   This will be a sold out event! Find more information about the show via & don’t forget to follow Reggie on FB at and IG at

Reggie Mills x Lloyd Banks x Stage 48 NYC

Reggie Mills x Lloyd Banks x Stage 48 NYC

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Reggie Mills ft FerminCito – Kush and Patron


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Liberty Music Group is proud to present “Kush & Patron” a new single from Reggie Mills featuring FerminCito. It’s a single off Faded Memories.

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How To Achieve Your New Years Resolutions


Well it’s finally here…

2013 is upon us.


2012 is officially a thing of the past and gone with it are all your successes and your failures.

Starting today, you begin a new slate. Today is a new beginning, a new life.

It’s time for you to take advantage of this opportunity.

I know a lot of you will have New Years resolutions, but I tend to have a love/hate relationship with New Years resolutions.

The reason is because I think people tend to think that somehow with the addition of a new calendar they are going to all of a sudden possess some magical powers and everything’s going to be great and they will be able to make all the changes they desire.

In reality, what happens is they set forth a high mountain to climb and hence they soon get discouraged and by February they are back to doing the same old thing.

This is why I think New Years resolutions suck.

But I love New Years resolutions because they show a commitment to making a significant change in ones life.

So with all that stated, what I personally do when it comes to setting new goals for the New Years is I tend to set new habits instead of new goals.

You may be thinking, what’s the point of setting habits? I thought the entire point of New Years resolutions is to set and achieve goals?

This is absolutely true, but what I find is when I set the right habits that are in accordance with my ambitions, I tend to fulfill my goals as a result of having the right habits in place.

Normally what people do is they set a goal, however they don’t have any of the necessary habits in place in order to succeed hence when the going gets tough and the excitement of the New Year begins to wear off, they quit.

This is what I want you to avoid so I encourage you to set forth new habits that will aid you in the manifestation of your goals.

Come up with your New Years resolutions, but devote more attention to the habits that will get you to complete those same resolutions.

For instance, lets say your New Years resolution is to lose twenty pounds. A lot of people will leave it at that. But what I encourage you to do is to focus on the habits that will make all that possible.

So some possible habits include the following:

– Drink eight glasses of water a day

– Eat healthy 80% of the time

– Go for a run in the morning three times a week

I recommend you focus on one New Years resolution each month. Don’t try to do everything at once. Slowly add onto your goals instead of striving to achieve all your resolutions right at once.

For instance: January- Lose weight

February- Lose weight, read one book a week

March- Lose weight, read one book a week, quit smoking

The great thing about this is habits are much easier to fulfill and hence they build confidence and this confidence rubs off onto other areas of your life.

Below are some of the habits that I have put into place in past years that have turned out to really aid me in completing my New Year resolutions.

1. Cut Out All Distractions

This one is a tad bit difficult especially if you are attached to that smartphone of yours, but this habit tends to yield the greatest effect and results in you achieving milestones that you thought you would never achieve.

When you cut out distractions, you devote your mind 100% to the task at hand and this results in your productivity soaring through the room.

What used to take you hours and hours will take you only half the time.

We humans tend to waste a lot of time with distractions and we disguise this as “working.”

If you’re checking your email thirty times a day, you’re not working, you’re checking your email.

If you’re on your smartphone checking stock market quotes, you’re not working, you’re checking stock market quotes.

It’s time to get a grip.

If you want 2013 to be different from 2012 you have to cut out distractions.

Facebook, Twitter and any other social media sites like that are using up valuable years of your life. Years that you will never get back and what do you get in return? A simple retweet or people liking your status? This is bogus. The costs are totally not worth the rewards.

Make a change and eliminate the distractions in your life.

Not only will your productivity increase, but you’ll be more at peace.

2. No Excuses

This is another big one. From now on accept responsibility for everything you are involved with. If someone messes up, it’s your fault as well.

When you make excuses, you are robbing yourself in a sense. You are technically telling your mind that it’s OK if you don’t perform because a scapegoat will always be present.

You need to kick this habit to the curb and instead make no excuses whatsoever.

I don’t care if a dinosaur smashed your car and made you late for work, YOU TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for it.

What this does is this lets your mind know that you are the person in charge and you control the events of your life. So in return the mind begins to act and think like it can make a difference and hence it actually does.

So stop being a little wuss this new year and take responsibility for once in your life.

Only cowards make excuses.

3. Get Up Earlier

When you’re hitting the snooze button, someone is up and they are working. When you are tucked in that bed of yours, someone is up and they are working and when you run into that person HE/SHE WILL DESTROY YOU.

You have to want it bad. You have to want to achieve your goals and dreams more than the next person.

Whether you like it or not, life is one big competition. You are always competing. Make sure you are giving it your all so when you are up against the opposition, you will be the one with your hand raised.

So I encourage you to get up earlier.

This is one of the traits that ALL successful people share. I’ve read autobiographies which state that some billionaires to this day still wake up at 3,4,5 AM because they realize that there is always another mountain to climb.

Sleep is great and all, but being up and chasing your dreams is much better.

So those are some of the habits and goals that I strove for in the past year. What I discovered was by abiding by these habits, I started to achieve success in all areas of my life. The reason for this is because these habits became a key component of my lifestyle and hence they aided me in all areas of my life. From personal to professional.

That is why I encourage you to form some new great habits.

Form habits and keep your eyes on the prize. If you have come up with the correct habits, those same habits will aid you and take you from where you are today to where you want to be.

So lets get it. 2013 has arrived.

Make this year the best year of your life.

Approach each day as if it’s going to be the best day of your life.

Make 2013 the year your life changed.

When you look back at your life, you’ll look upon 2013 and say, “Damn that is when I put my nose to the grindstone and everything changed. My life did a complete 360. I became a success. I went from a nobody to a somebody.”

All this is possible, you just have to have the will and the desire to achieve.

I end this article with a great quote…

“Today is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.”